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A professional end-to-end service Using an experienced estate agent can make the difference between selling and not selling your property. Spire Property Group And Consultant’s high-profile local and online appearance is backed up by our pro-active marketing partners platforms, with professional photography and floor plans included as standard. We’ll arrange accompanied viewings, and once we’ve found a buyer, we’ll guide you through every step of the sales process. It’s a comprehensive service that doesn’t finish until you’ve handed over the keys.

To simplify the process of selling your property. We have put together this step by step guide in order to detail everything a lot clearer.

✓ 1. Decide on the reason for which you are selling

There are multiple reasons why you may sell your property. These could be anything from new opportunities, partners dispute, negative industry changes,  financial reasons, lifestyle change, downsizing or maybe a personal issue.

✓ 2. Ensure your finances are in order

Before you sell your house, you’ll want to get a rough idea of how much it is worth, so you can then calculate how much money you will be left with after you have paid off the mortgage. It may be a case that you have an early repayment charge on your mortgage and therefore this should be considered. Plan every step to avoid being held up.

✓ 3. Decide what price to sell and who will sell the property.

One of the major decisions when selling your home is what price to put it on for. Ultimately, you need to be happy with the price you accept when selling your home. However, make sure you do not overprice then market or accept a price that you’re not happy with. Our experienced Property Consultants can help you with that.

✓ 4. Prepare your home for the market.

To attract the most attention when selling your home, it is always advisable to make it seem as presentable as possible, By doing so, you are not only more likely to sell your home faster, but you might make it more valuable too. This could be anything from a fresh lick of light color paint, tidy up and get rid of excess clutter, Keep it clean.

✓ 5. Hire a solicitor or a conveyancer

You need to choose a conveyancing solicitor to handle the legal work involved in selling a property. They will transfer the ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. The point at which you instruct them to carry out this process will come after you have accepted an offer. However, to speed up the sales process, it is advisable to have chosen someone around the same time you choose an estate agent. If you need us to put you in touch with someone, we are more than happy to do that.

✓ 6. Complete all relevant questionnaires.

You will have a variety of forms and questionnaires to fill out, These will be provided to you by your solicitor and will provide all the relevant information (i.e. boundaries, council tax, tenure, etc.) regarding your property to the buyer.

✓ 7. Accept an Offer.

At this point, it is our duty to pass all offers to you, regardless of how high or low they may be. It is your decision to accept or reject an offer or you can leave it with us to try and negotiate a better deal for you, should you wish to do so. Once you are happy with an offer, you need to formally accept it.

✓ 8. Negotiate a draft contract.

Once an offer has been accepted a draft contract will be drawn up by both legal parties and you will need to decide a number of factors, including the length of time between exchange and completion, what fixtures and fittings will be included in the sale and any discounts due to problems that flagged up during the survey.

✓ 9. Exchange of Contracts.

It is at this point in the sale of your property where you become legally committed to selling the property and the buyer becomes legally committed to buying from you. Consequences from pulling out without due reason after this time may result in you being sued and the buyers deposit will be returned.

✓ 10. Complete the sale and Move out.

Completion is when the property changes ownership, you accept payment, and hand over the keys little like a duel, it takes place on a previously agreed date and usually at midday. The conveyancer or solicitor will register the transfer of ownership with the Land registry and any property deeds, along with the money are transferred between both legal parties. You can move out before the completion date should you choose to do so, however, if you are in a chain and moving into another property that will be occupied until completion then you will need somewhere else to go.

✓ 11. Pay off the mortgage and Settle up.

Your solicitor/ conveyancer will have received a redemption figure (outstanding amount) from the mortgage company to be paid on the day of completion. Now that the buyer has transferred the money to your solicitor/ conveyancer, they will pay off the mortgage for you.

Settling up with your solicitor/ conveyancer and the estate agent will be carried out after completion unless you have opted for one of our up-front payment packages. The solicitor will provide you with details for all costs and disbursements and if you are buying and selling at the same time, they can settle up both transactions, including the payment of stamp duty for the house you are buying.


The Selling Process


1. Free Market Valuation

  • Market Valuation – If you’re thinking of selling your home, this FREE service will help you understand the current market position of your property. We provide you with information with up-to-date local experience through selling and letting properties in your neighbourhood, so you can make an informed decision. An accurate valuation of the property creates competition and intense buyer interest.


  • Web Advertising – Your property will be instantly available on our innovative website spirepropertygroup.com and loaded onto onthemarket.com, zoopla.co.uk, Proplist.com. primelocation.com, social media platforms and various other leading online property portals.


  • Open 5 Days A Week – We are happy to assist early morning, afternoon and evening viewing to suit your schedule.


  • Impressive Full-Colour Details – Your property will have its own sales details, designed to be eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. This comes complete with floor plans and the high-quality photography that showcases your property and truly does it justice.


2. Photography & advertising

  • Window Displays – The benefit of good window displays in busy locations should not be underestimated in their ability to catch the eye of potential buyers. Our offices located in the heart of Sunderland have eye-catching window displays that advertise your property around the clock.


  • Photography – First impressions count and the first thing potential buyers see before they even pass the front door is the photographs of your property. We employ a professional photographer to capture the best pictures that will ensure that your home sells quickly.


  • Distinctive “For Sale Boards” – These are an invaluable marketing tool clearly identifying your property and frequently generating interest from buyers that had not previously considered buying a property.


3. Regular updates

  • Feedback & Contact – As a customer-focused business, our number one priority is to keep you constantly updated on the marketing progress of your home. We aim to give feedback within 24-48 hours after every viewing.


  • Prominent Office Location – Our well-located offices can be found in an excellent location in Sunderland. Visit us today!


  • Accompanied Viewings – Viewings are offered five days a week if required to all of our clients whether the property is vacant or occupied.


  • Sales Progression – Once we have Sold your property, our service doesn’t stop there. We employ a sales advisor who will keep you posted and keep you informed of events as they occur, we will make sure your sale goes through without a hitch. Our job is not done until the keys are handed over.

Client Question

Your curiosity fuels our commitment to providing you with clear, informative, and tailored answers to all your inquiries. Whether you have questions about our services, pricing, or how we can help you achieve your goals, we’re here to provide the guidance and support you need. Your questions drive our dedication to your success, so feel free to ask – we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

We employ a comprehensive approach to property valuation. Our team of experienced real estate professionals takes into account various factors such as market trends, property condition, location, and recent comparable sales to provide you with an accurate and competitive valuation. Rest assured, we strive to maximize the value of your property while setting a realistic selling price.

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